Download Dr. Driving for PC, Windows, 7/8/10

Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving for PC Mod APK(Windows, 7/8/10)

Dr. Driving for PC Mod APK with 30+ luxury cars World famous simulation game created by Sud Inc.

  • Latest version 1.70

Additional Information

App NameDr. Driving for PC Mod APK
DeveloperSUD Inc
Latest Version1.70
Get It OnPlay Store
Mod FeaturesUnlocked Everything / Unlimited Fuel
Last UpdateOct-03-2023

Detailed Description

As we know that nowadays, 18% of people have a car. Car parking has become a big problem due to heavy traffic. The developer (SUD inc) has created an exciting and fantastic game called Dr. Driving for PC to reduce this problem. Dr. Driving is a famous, marvelous, and attractive car-world simulator game. 

Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving for PC will make you feel similar to the other incredible parking games (CPM for PC or PMM for PC), but   Dr. Driving for PC differs from others. You can enjoy and further improve your driving & parking skills in your daily lives by playing this game.

Almost 30+ different expensive & luxury cars have been introduced in this game including (KOS, AYH, SH, ESDAS, JUNO, SHC, SJ, JIO, BKS, RHS, YMJ, KEJ, ISHS, KAIST, JBU, MANE, KYUBIN, SUBIN, MINHA & other unique cars. We can improve many skills in our daily life by playing this game, such as car driving, car parking and, bus driving & parking, and many more. 

In this game, you’re given the option you’ve to play this game alone in offline mode or play together with your friends or other players through online mode. If you are interested in the Mod APK version of this game, where all the features will be unlocked, click here and download the Dr. Driving Mod APK.

Accuracy, expertise, and experience are the most important factors of a good driver. In the first levels, you’re told how to drive a car, in which you’re made to practice driving your car straight and turning so that you can avoid accidents and avoid pedestrians and other vehicles to complete your task.

The difficult time will start from the next levels when you have the task of parking the car between 2 vehicles and other difficult places. You’ll be given a limited time or fuel in which you’ve to park the car. You’ll win the level if you park your car on time or fuel. Suppose you can’t park your car within that time, so you’ll lose.

Dr. Driving Mod APK for PC Screen Shots

Dr. Driving for PC
Dr. Driving for PC
Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving for PC has many Amazing and exciting features that we see in detail individually.

Game Features

 1.Expensive Luxury Cars & Vehicles

There’re about 30+ new models of luxury cars in this game. These include KOS, AYH, SH, ESDAS, JUNO, SHC, SJ, JIO, BKS, RHS, YMJ, KEJ, ISHS, KAIST, JBU, MANE, KYUBIN, SUBIN, MINHA & other unique cars. Moreover, you can drive by choosing the car according to your mood. Therefore, you can improve your driving and parking skills.

2.Realistic 3D Graphics 

Dr. Driving for PC has high-quality 3D graphics that are very important for the game played on computer. 3D graphics make it easier to play games during car parking and racing. Moreover,  3D graphics make playing the game more enjoyable on iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or PC (computer, Laptops). 

One of the most important reasons this game is successful is its 3D graphics, which allow you to see even the slightest movement of your car, and it helps you a lot in parking your car smoothly.

3.Multiplayer Mod 

Its multiplayer mod is the game’s most important, attractive, and best feature. If you think that you are an pro car parking master, then you can show your ability in multiplayer mode. When you get bored by playing the game alone, you can play a game together with your friends via multiplayer mode in online mode.

4.Car Upgradations 

You can upgrade your car to make it faster and more beautiful looking than other players. During car upgradation, you can install your car engine into a powerful engine. You can also upgrade the gearbox, supercharge, Turbo, and extra points.

5.Easy Control panel

Do you want an easy car control panel similar to real life on your PC? The control panel of Dr. Driving isn’t different from a real car. 3 control panels have been installed in this game, including arrow keys, steering wheel, and tilting device.

I use the steering wheel because we control our car through it in daily life. Furthermore, other controls like headlights, turn signals, reverse, brake, and throttle are on the screen. You will quickly understand all the control panel options.

6.Free Downloading 

Are you looking for a free game on PC in which you get all kinds of car entertainment?  Dr Driving for PC is a free game you can download for android, IOS phones $ PC and enjoy a lot because of its outstanding features.

7.No Ads Show During the Game

Are you worried about ads repeatedly appearing while playing the game on PC? So to get rid of this problem, uninstall your old game version, install this new updated PC version, and enjoy your game because it won’t show ads.

8.Incredible Other Games PC Mods

Car Parking 

A prominent feature of the game is car parking. According to the game’s requirements, you must park your car correctly at the parking space. By playing this game, we can enjoy and further improve our driving & parking skills in our daily lives.

Dr. Driving for PC

Drifting Mod 

During the drifting mode, you can show your drifting skills on PC. You can make your car capable of participating in drifting competitions with other players. Furthermore, you can upgrade your car to increase its brake and engine power.

Broken Brake

In the broken brake feature of the game, the car has to drive without brakes.  You have to drive your car according to the game’s requirements, in which you have to drive the car in one of the 3 different lanes given.

Truck Parking

An amazing feature of the game is truck parking. According to the game’s requirements, you must park your truck correctly at the parking space. By playing this game, we can enjoy and further improve our driving & parking skills in our daily lives.

How to Download and Install

Downloading Steps

If you want to download Dr. Driving for PC Mod APK version, follow these steps.

How can you download & install this game? First of all, you’ll follow some following steps: 

i. Firstly, you’ll download the bluestacks through a link on this website or the official website.

ii. Secondly, downloading, click open, give the username or password, and install it.

iii. After installation, open bluestacks, security & privacy clear, click the allow button, reboot your device, and restart the window page in front of you. Click cancel.

Installing Steps

After following the downloading instruction, you’ll follow the installing steps below: 

i. Firstly, open the bluestacks, and already give the play store in this emulator.

ii. Secondly, finding you search the game in the search bar

iii. After that, click the game icon & install it now, and you can enjoy this game.


Firstly, Dr. Driving for PC game help to mentally relax after working all day because you play it with your friends through an online mod.
Secondly, now you can play this game on your PC, where you will enjoy its 3D graphics more and park your car better according to the game’s rules.


Since the download method is a bit long. You must be patient. Once you complete all downloading steps, you can enjoy the game.


In short, Dr. Driving Game is an excellent racing and parking game that is better than all other games for PC. Furthermore, you always choose the current / latest / updated version to enjoy it. This is an open-world game through which you can visit and can explore different places in the game.

Because of its 3D graphics, you can further improve your parking skills for your daily life. Moreover, you can play with your friends online all over the World. You can download this game on all your computer or laptops.


The minimum requirement for playing this game is 8GB RAM. Furthermore, this game will run on Windows 7/8/10 PC systems.

You can easily play this game on a PC and all windows. If you want to experience the graphics, you should play this game on a PC because the best graphics can be better appreciated on a big screen.

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